Open hands of loveDear Friends,

Take a deep breath! Our summer is quickly passing us by, or at least that’s how it feels to me. So, let’s pause for a moment and breathe in deeply. Now, exhale slowly. What adventures, people and things has summer brought you? Seriously, take a moment to think and reflect…

Although this summer has been a busy one with much travel and many opportunities to meet different people, it has also been a very interesting one for me. It has meant reuniting with some dear friends and moving to Philadelphia with our Sisters at Mary of Nazareth convent. The work, driving, planning, etc. are just a small part of the journey. What is important to me are the people I’ve experienced along the way.

I have experienced people laughing, crying, displaying courage and just being. I’ve also met those who just needed someone to listen. It didn’t take much for me to be there for them; it was just a matter of being present where they were at that moment. Sometimes, though, this was easier said than done. Sometimes, it meant taking lots of deep breaths so I could be present.

I recently read somewhere (wish I could remember the source, sorry) that when babies come into this world their fists are clenched. As they begin to grow, their hands open and they are able to share the gift of who they are with those they come to love. I would like to think that we will approach our tasks in the coming weeks and months with open hands, sharing the gift of who we are with those around us.

As this summer starts to slip by, take the time to become aware of the people in your life, the people you are missing and the people you need to connect with. There is still time to develop or deepen a relationship with family, friends and God. Use the week to open your hands and share the gifts God has given you, to become aware of all those who surround you. I think you will be happy you did. Have a great week.

Till next week,

Sr. Theresita

Editor’s note: Sr. Theresita Donach, assistant national vocation director for the CSFNs, shares this weekly reflection via e-mail with a group of women discerning their vocation. If you are interested in joining that online community, please e-mail

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