Dear Friends,

circuitAs I am writing this reflection, many people are celebrating Valentine’s Day. I spent time with my friends who are celebrating their wedding anniversary today, and I have the great opportunity to visit with my sister who is recovering from major surgeries. Her husband has been a prince in caring for her all the time she has been sick. Tomorrow, we celebrate her birthday.

All of this speaks to me of some real, true love situations. I’d like to share with you a short piece I read from Anna Lin’s blog Healing Soul Streams. Ms. Lin attributes this piece to a Facebook post by Carolyn Hetrick, an Evangelical Lutheran pastor.

“When we love others, God’s love is complete. Today as I think about this it reminds me of an electrical circuit. From my days in shop class, eons ago, I remember – If the circuit is incomplete the light won’t come on. If we choose to not show God’s love to another, it’s like breaking the circuit. And the world and certainly the person are left not experiencing the light and love God intends for us all. The first “if” in this passage is probably best understood as “since.” Since God so loved us to make Christ known, we should love. The second “if” however is up to us. If we make love known, and we might or we might not, is how we might best hear this. If we make love known, God’s love is perfected, made complete. Abiding in us and flowing through us in that circuit. Sisters and brothers, keep that circuit of love open.”

Short and sweet, but very powerful — especially with all that is going on in our world today. I know that keeping that circuit of love open can really be a challenge. We deal with so many different people and situations on a daily basis. Some situations involve family, friends, co-workers, community — how can we do it? For me — and my circuits are not always open — I need to rely on prayer and awareness. Awareness of little reminders like the one above and prayer to ask God to help me keep the circuits open.

Each of us knows how to keep the circuits open. We sometimes get into a very comfortable place and can become selective to whom we open the circuits for. I was happy to see the mini-renewal being offered to our sisters entitled “How We Treat One Another Matters: An Invitation to Healthy Relationship with God, Self and Others.” Sounds like it would be a great opportunity to renew a perhaps comfortable spirit — who knows but the Spirit!

May your week be filled with much love — experiencing it and sharing it. The choices are yours.

Till next week,

Sr. Theresita

Editor’s note: Sr. Theresita Donach, assistant national vocation director for the CSFNs, shares this weekly reflection via e-mail with a group of women discerning their vocation. If you are interested in joining that online community, please e-mail  or call 847-298-6760 ext. 223.

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