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  • July 17: Weekly Vocation Reflection

    Dear Friends, And the journey continues. I am almost home, after traveling since June 18th! Just 2 more places to be (The Cenacle for a 2 day workshop; Notre Dame for a day of discernment for women) and then Home Sweet Home on July 21! It has all been great but I will be happy …Read More

  • July 9: Weekly Vocation Reflection

    Dear Friends, This past week while I was doing an errand with a friend, we started talking about social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Both of us are on Facebook and then she asked me about Twitter.  I must admit I don’t have an account and don’t know much about it but I glibly answered …Read More

  • About the USCCB National Migration Conference

    As the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth continue to pray for immigration reform, we want to share this news from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops with our visitors and friends. USCCB expects more than 800 to participate in its National Migration Conference Participants to advocate on Capitol Hill on immigration, refugee and …Read More

  • CREW 2014: We are F-A-M-I-L-Y!

    The Vocation team’s 2014 CREW (that’s Community Rocks Everyone’s World) just battened down the hatches after another successful week of building community with high school students, college-age women and our sisters in Philadelphia. Theme for the 2014 week, June 22-28, was “We are Family,” with a focus on building  community within our families, schools, parishes, …Read More

  • July 2: Weekly Vocation Reflection

    Dear Friends, “God is good , all the time; all the time God is good! So many things have happened this past week, but I want to share with you this latest workings of the spirit. After CREW I began traveling back to my stomping grounds in MA and RI. More time in the care and …Read More