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Serving with the Sisters in Philadelphia

Serving with the Sisters in Philadelphia

Sr. Theresita Donach, national vocation director for the CSFNs, was part of a group of Philadelphia vocation directors who organized a special service project as an outreach program for the 2015 Year of Consecrated Life. “We were low-key, but I think we agree it was a... read more

News & Updates

May 28: Weekly Vocation Reflection

Dear Friends, Ah, ordinary time, nothing like it. I just wonder if it exists except for in the Church Calendar. It wasn’t an ordinary day on the Feast of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came down on the Apostles. There have been some pretty exciting representations of... read more

May 20: Weekly Vocation Reflection

Dear Friends, This is the season in which we get to experience Nature at its best and sometimes worst. Worst first… it is the season for tornadoes, earthquakes, and some tropical storms that can change into hurricanes. We need to be vigilant. Now for the Best. We get... read more

Two Religious Women Find Common Purpose

Sr. Linda Yankoski, CSFN, CEO of Holy Family Institute in Emsworth, PA, has a new friend and colleague in Sr. Rosemary Nyirumbe, SSHJ, who ministers at St. Monica’s School in Gulu, Uganda. Recently, Sr. Linda accompanied Sr. Rosemary as her guest at the 6th annual... read more

May 14: Weekly Vocation Reflection

Dear Friends, This week we had the pleasure to celebrate 2 Sisters’ Birthdays. I was lucky enough to be able to pick up the food we had ordered for supper. The owner of the restaurant was happy to see me and threw in a bag of cookies. Then I told him we were... read more


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