While National Catholic Sisters Week is officially only one week long (March 8 – 14), we believe the lives, the ministries and the spirituality of all Catholic sisters are worthy of celebration throughout the month and year.

National Catholic Sisters Week is an official component of Women’s History Month in March each year. The week is intended to honor the nation’s 47,170 Catholic sisters and all who have gone before – founders of schools and hospitals, artists and activists, first responders and spiritual guides for all walks of life.

As we continue to recognize the contributions Catholic sisters have made throughout the country and around the world, we invite you watch this video produced by the Catholic Sisters of the Upper Mississippi River Valley: KINDNESS – Get in the Habit.

We have also created a short video where we asked the students from the Newman Association at Allegheny College one question: “What habit have you learned from sisters?” Click here to see their answers.

“Catholic sisters don’t seek the spotlight,” said Molly Hazelton, site director of NCSW, headquartered at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minn. “Humility is in their DNA. But we know that raising awareness of their ministries can inspire the masses, and that’s what we’re aiming to do. In a time when there isn’t much good news, we need more than ever to hear stories of how they help and heal a fractured country.”

Since NCSW launched, Hazelton has heard again and again from young adults amazed by the connections they have forged with women religious, voicing a deep admiration and natural kinship. “Many of the causes that animate Catholic sisters deeply resonate with Millennials – whether it’s sustainability, care for the marginalized, or building a life that reflects your core values, an authentic one. Sisters have so much to teach us.”

More stories about CSFN sisters and how they continue to help, heal and teach are available in the upcoming issue of Nazareth Connections, our tri-annual publication. To subscribe, please visit Nazareth Connections Subscription.

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To see the “Fact Sheet: Women Religious”, created by National Catholic Sisters Week, click here.

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