Dear Friends of Nazareth,

Fall has arrived and that means students and teachers throughout the country are back in their classrooms, including a number of our sisters who serve as educators. What could be more valuable to families (and our troubled world) than teaching children how to be strong, productive, faith-filled adults?

“I have always had a passion for teaching,” says Sr. Marcella Louise, now beginning her 25th year as a math instructor at Holy Family University in Philadelphia. “Every student is a source of unlimited potential. Every day I have the opportunity to help them in developing and using their talents to make a difference in the world.”

Sister recognizes that her interactions with her students can have a profound effect on their lives, both now and into the future. “We come in contact with students and their families. We meet them where they are, listen to their difficulties and do what we can to help them achieve their goals.”

Not only do our teaching sisters serve a wonderful purpose, but they also find such happiness in what they do! Sr. Boguslawa, theology teacher and moderator of the Student Council at Nazareth Academy High School, says, “My first joy comes from being able to share the Good News of our faith with the young women of our Academy. Every day I rush to each class with something important to tell them about the happiness in the soul that comes from a sincere relationship with God.”

In this day and age, when the importance of God often seems to be forgotten, we’re sure you’ll agree that learning about our faith is a valuable gift. Says Sr. Boguslawa, “It is important for me to be able to touch our students with God’s love that comes in different ways – through individual care, empathy, tenderness, loving correction, helping hands, listening, encouraging, challenging.…To be able to help them to ‘order’ their priorities in life so they can progress in self-confidence and integrity…and to help them to connect with God.”

And it’s never too early to begin teaching children about God, as Sr. Rosalynn, preschool theology teacher, knows. “It is a delight to teach them at this age. They are so full of excitement and interest in the world about them, although it can be said that we are both learning together.”

She continues, “What I find the most rewarding about my ministry is seeing the growth in development, social skills and faith in each child I have taught. Each year I am grateful that God has given me the opportunity to journey with each child for that year and that in some way I have contributed to their growth.”

Our sisters are so passionate about God and about their educational ministries, but teaching jobs, especially within the Catholic world, tend to pay lower than average salaries. Your generosity enables them to make ministry decisions based on the needs of God’s people rather than the size of their salary. With your support they can continue to focus on their service to children and families and not on how much money they make.

Can you think back to a time when you were a student and a sister taught you how to solve a particularly challenging math problem? Maybe your child was taught about Jesus by one of our sisters.

Perhaps you would consider making a donation in honor of a sister who taught you or a loved one. Any gift you give – large, small or in between – is truly appreciated. We’re sure we can count on your support, since we know how much you value our sisters’ contributions to Catholic education.

God bless you for caring about our sisters and for doing what you can. And please, as you make your gift, also fill out your personal intentions so we may pray for you in our daily Masses. We continue to pray for you and to thank God for you. You mean so much to all of us and we can’t thank you enough.

In the Holy Family,

Sr. Barbara Jean Wojnicki, CSFN, Provincial Superior 

Katherine Barth, Director of Development

P.S. Did you know that you can make a secure donation using your credit card or bank account at our website Click here to access our secure online donation form. If you choose to make an online donation, please make a note in the message section that the donation is for our Fall Appeal. Again, we thank you.

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