For more than 130 years our sisters have spent thousands of hours ministering to families throughout the United States. They’ve devoted their lives to caring for those in need and to giving of themselves as Jesus did.

Now in their declining years, many of these sisters are ill and bedridden. Some have   limited mobility. And all of them need your prayers, kindness and generosity now more than ever.

It’s so very important to us that all of our aging sisters, who have so selflessly dedicated their lives to the service of God and families, have some measure of comfort and peace in their twilight years.

But our retirement fund is currently nearly 20% underfunded! This means that we don’t have enough money at this time to adequately care for our sisters throughout their lives. That’s why we are turning to you for help!

Would you be able to give a gift to these sisters who so faithfully gave their lives to others? You can’t imagine how much your spiritual and material support are needed, and appreciated, especially by our retired sisters who in many instances require round-the-clock nursing care.

Without you and your assistance, it would be so difficult to meet their many and varied needs.  As is typical for those of advanced age, one or another of our sisters always seems to be experiencing a new medical issue. 

We struggle to both make ends meet and remain good stewards of all the gifts with which we are blessed, especially those given by our wonderful friends.  Each year, as the cost of almost everything increases, it becomes more of a challenge.

Would you be able to make a donation at this time? Would you consider making a gift in memory of a loved one, or perhaps in honor of these sisters who have devoted their entire lives to making this world better?

Donations may be made online through our secure server or you may print and mail our donation form. Any gift you can share with our sisters will be so appreciated. You really can make a difference in the lives of our elder sisters and they will be so very grateful.

May God bless you with good health and with much peace and joy.   

Sister Barbara Jean Wojnicki, CSFN                                       Katherine Barth
Provincial Superior                                                                   Director of Development

P.S. Your special prayer intentions may also be made online by clicking here. As a part of our Nazareth family, you can rely on our sisters to take your prayer requests to heart and remember them in their daily prayers.

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