Nazareth Housing

An affiliate of the Community at Holy Family Manor

Director: Bill Vandivier

301 Bellevue Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
412-931-6996 x6510

Help vulnerable people obtain and maintain adequate housing.

At a  glance:
Since 1994, Nazareth Housing Services has helped needy people obtain and maintain comfortable, adequate housing. One program helps elderly and disabled homeowners make urgently needed home repairs and improvements that will help them to live more safely and comfortably.

Housing Services also offer educational seminars and individual pre-closing counseling for first-time homebuyers that give them an overview of the home buying process; homeowners delinquent on their mortgage payments are counseled to help them avoid foreclosure.  

In 2010, Housing Services served 582 households with 1,695 hours of counseling, including 64 homeowners who received home repair grants.

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